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Eduardo Gonzalez

Phone: + 358 40 848 8989

About Eduardo

Eduardo is the Executive Director at GISMOOD Oy. He graduated from the Forestry Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Madrid in December 2004 with a BSc in forestry and is currently a candidate for a MSc in forest management and GIS at the University of Helsinki.

Eduardo has experience in GIS for operative projects, teaching and programming working both for teaching institutions and private companies in Finland. He also has long working experience in aerial photography projects using EnsoMosaic systems and in training of such systems.

Obtaining the right data at the right time and being able to create useful datasets for further processing is decisive in most natural resource management projects.

Juhana Nieminen

Phone: + 358 40 185 7868

About Juhana

Juhana is one of the co-founders and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at GISMOOD Oy. He graduated with a MSc. in Environmental Biology and Geoinformatics from the Department of Ecology and Systematics at the University of Helsinki in Jan 2001.

Juhana’s research interests have been related with habitat modelling and spatial monitoring of endangered species at a landscape level, and combining research oriented GIS field work with pedagogy, especially with blended learning techniques and WEB2.0 technologies. He has previously worked in teaching positions at several university departments including Forestry Resource Management, Ecology and Systematics and more recently as an e-learning specialist at the Aalto-University Language Centre.

Juhana has a vast experience from around the globe,covering hands-on fieldwork in forest inventories and species mapping projects, as well as in teaching development projects where local counterparts were successfully trained in the use of GIS & RS technologies for forest rehabilitation and restoration purposes.

Juhana sees great potential in the use of blended learning tools and various teaching technologies as tools in sustainable development and narrowing the void between those using proprietary and OpenSource technologies.