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We believe that the best learning results are achieved by carefully blending face to face instruction with online content accessible from virtually anywhere. Having now been used successfully for many years by institutions, businesses and governments, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools for GIS have come-of-age and offer viable systems for the reliable and efficient visualization, management and analysis of spatial information.FOSS GIS infrastructures offer interoperable, scalable and completely modifiable systems that can be used to run a variety of desktop and web GIS applications, as well as to develop new specialized custom geo-processing solutions. Get in the mood for comprehensive GIS training with the professional, friendly and helpful staff from GISMOOD, your first port of call for specialised support in raising your geospatial awareness.GISMOOD can offer in-depth training in the use of FOSS in GIS projects, with a specialization in Quantum GIS and GRASS GIS. A number of training course options are available to suit your circumstances and requirements.
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