GIS-FOSS 1 – QGIS introductory course / GIS-FOSS 1 – GRASS introductory course / GIS-FOSS 2 – GEO Network Analysis

GISMOOD will hold three intensive open source GIS courses in December:

  • Introductory course to QGIS, 2 days (3rd-4th, Dec). Fee: 650€ (+VAT23%).
  • Introductory course to GRASS, 1 day (10th Dec). Fee: 325€ (+VAT23%).
  • Advanced network analysis in QGIS & GRASS course, 1 day (11th Dec). Fee: 380€ (+VAT23%).

The introductory courses provide extensive hands-on experience with QGIS & GRASS, and cover the fundamental topics in understanding and using QGIS & GRASS. The advance network analysis one day course gives an extensive review of the tools available in QGIS and GRASS for network analysis.

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